Jillian Fuller on How Her Injury Led to Addiction - Women Beyond Bars
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Jillian Fuller on How Her Injury Led to Addiction

Jillian Fuller was incarcerated on July 10, 2016 for conspiracy to operate/attempt to operate a clandestine lab. She was offered Adult Drug Court and participation in Marie’s House Women’s Recovery Center on June 11, 2019.

Marie’s House is a program where women participating in drug court in Wayne County, West Virginia get intensive counseling and accountability. Women stay at the center from eight to 18 months and participate in individualized treatment plans, which include self-assessment to understand the reasons for their addiction. 

Misty Martin, the center’s director, aims to help women change their thinking patterns and coping mechanisms. In addition to developing educational, emotional regulation and social skills, women at Marie’s House learn about their physical health through healthy meal preparation and fitness.

Fuller graduated from the program in the spring of 2020, and she is currently 11 months sober. She has her own apartment and works at Burger King full time while attending Mountwest Community and Technical College full time. She is studying to be a paralegal and wants to work in a law office where she can help other recovering addicts.