Billie Bowens on Resources for Women - Women Beyond Bars
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Billie Bowens on Resources for Women

Billie “Bunny” Bowens spent two weeks in Western Regional Jail after committing grand larceny at her neighbor’s home in 2018. She was offered alternative sentencing in the form of drug court and rehabilitation at Marie’s House, an inpatient recovery program in Wayne, West Virginia.

After 20 years of addiction, Bowens has been sober for 11 months. She said while at Marie’s, she developed a new sense of self, created healthy boundaries, developed healthy coping skills and reconnected to her family and children.

Bowens is currently attending Mountwest Community and Technical College studying behavioral science. She participates in her local community by assisting others in active addiction, sharing her knowledge of the program and the hope she has. After graduating from drug court and Marie’s House, she hopes to continue helping women who are recovering from addiction.